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A Letter from our CEO Pete Zeliff:

American made craftsmanship. Freedom. Value. These are the three building blocks found at the core of every P.W. Minor product. 


I am proud to start this letter by writing that 2017 marks P.W. Minor's 150th year in business. In 1866, when P.W. and Abram were making that long journey from war to a peaceful home in Upstate New York, they dreamt up the idea for this company, of making world-class footwear and building an organization that would stand the test of time. Today, we continue their dream by making incomparable footwear that is sold all over the world, and by working every day to build a company which will last another 150 years. We know they'd be proud of where we've been, who we are and where we're headed.

We begin our second 150 years by calling you to action. We're creating an American manufacturing revolution here at P.W. Minor and we want you to be a part of it. In 2015, we began the process of bringing back all our manufacturing from overseas. We're committed to making our footwear products here, in Batavia, New York, and we believe fundamentally that no one makes better products than Americans. No one. Every new product we design and manufacture will be 100% made here, in the United States. No exceptions.

The spirit of Made in America is one that we can all agree upon. Buying products made here, at home, puts our friends and neighbors to work in American factories and strengthens communities across the country. This strength lifts everyone up and brings us all the prosperity we desire. The Made in America spirit is also built on value. All American products are built to last and will give you more than you gave for them. One walk through our factory and you'll see the great American craftsmanship and tradition in every pair we make.

We're proud of our history, but we're not looking back. 2017 is the beginning of our second act and we want you to play a role. We're asking you to join our manufacturing revolution and buy American footwear and products again.

On behalf of the P.W. Minor organization, I want to thank you for your continued business and loyalty. Without you, P.W. Minor would have disappeared 149 years ago. Here's to our Revolution and 150 more years of great American footwear from Batavia, New York, USA.

Thanks for investing in us, 
Pete Zeliff
CEO & Owner
P.S. If you're ever in Batavia, New York, stop by the factory and we'll show you around!

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At , we are shoemakers. We understand that you want comfort, fit, and style in your footwear. And we are committed to your health and wellness. We live this commitment every day, and we take the time to do things right. That’s our heritage. That’s our promise to you and everyone who wears our shoes.

Made in America since 1867, P.W. Minor is the second oldest shoe factory in the USA.