Heather Jones on Women in Space Sneaker

Meet Heather Jones, better known as Henny Kicks It. Jones is a longtime collector known for popularizing the matching sneaker-and-stud sets that dominate social media.

Jones is more than just a nail-loving influencer (although she hates the label). She uses her platform to expose issues in the women’s sneaker space, namely sizing inequality and the “backdoor” – the unscrupulous practice of retailers selling stock directly to the resale market, further reducing the chances of the average consumer getting a manufacturer’s suggested retail product. the price.

Read on for our exclusive interview with Jones and stay tuned for next month’s episode of Baes With Kicks.

Name: heather jones

City: Los Angeles, CA

How many pairs of sneakers do you own?

I would say around around 200 pairs.

What elements do you consider most important when buying a sneaker?

I really need that WOW factor, so comfort would follow. Also knowing the story behind the sneaker helps me connect to it better, so storytelling is also very important to me.

What inspired you to start making sneaker nail sets?

I’ve always been into nail art. I’ve been getting my nails done since I was 12 and always wanted my nails to look amazing. It came naturally to me because my mother is like that.

Over the years, the typical nail art designs didn’t suit me anymore, and I thought it would be cool to match my nails to my sneakers and bring another element of femininity to sneakers that I didn’t see in Culture. at this moment. So I started simulating the designs of the sneakers I owned and loved, and I brought the vision to my nail techs and they executed.

What are your three favorite sneakers?

The Nike Air Bakin OG, CPFM x Swarovski Nike Dunk and Jordan 2 Chicago Home.

Where are your favorite places to buy sneakers?

eBay, Naked Copenhagen and flea markets – I love vintage pairs.

Where do you get your style inspiration from?

I’m inspired by so many things — people, places, art — but I always describe my style as if Fran Drescher from The nanny and Vashtie Kola had a baby.

Can you name a pair of sneakers you wish you had bought but didn’t?

The Vashties 2!!!!

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Your followers know you don’t hold back when it comes to calling out the sneaker industry, size disparities, and the overall landscape for women. Can you tell us a bit more about what it means to be a woman in space and which brands can do better?

Being a female in my role as a buyer for a retail store and as a consumer (I hate to use the word influencer, but people actually value my opinion when it comes to these questions), the most important thing I need to be is vocal, even when I hesitate. I don’t want the things I say to backfire, but everything I talk about regarding the size exclusion for women – the whole “pinch it and shrink it” talk and even the very area gray of the “backdoor” and resale — are topics that need to be heard.

When I approach these conversations, I bring the facts with me. I’ve been in the sneaker industry for over a decade and I’ve been talking about these same issues since the beginning.

Women like me – and many other black women as well – were all present at these presentations at these meetings of these huge multi-billion dollar brands, using our content as “inspiration”, but are we present at these meetings? Are we used in these campaigns that we have inspired? Most of the time, no, and that’s a huge problem for me.

We are the influence. We’re generating so much money for these brands and in return, can’t you do as much as extend a men’s size sneaker in the color we’ve been asking for all along? Something has to change and I will say it until something changes. I am so grateful to be able to speak on behalf of other women who feel like they are not being heard. I feel like that’s part of my goal and that’s why I’m so passionate about this culture.

Honestly, I just want the feedback we give as women not only to be followed by action, but also for those same women I see in all these decks to have opportunities because they deserve it. Life isn’t easy sometimes and giving someone an opportunity they deserve could change their life for the better, so why not?

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