10 Villains Who Should Appear In Season 2

The MCUs moon knight on Disney+ introduced audiences to the titular superhero Oscar Isaac and his several alternate personalities, all of whom make up one of the most complicated and compelling characters in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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A major contributor to moon knightwas Ethan Hawke’s villainous villain, Arthur Harrow. With such a powerful antagonist to overcome, an eventual season 2 must provide a foe worthy of the Fist of Khonshu to face next. Luckily, there are plenty of interesting candidates from the comics who could fill this role perfectly.

dark spectrum

Black Specter attacks in the Moon Knight comics.

Black Specter is the nickname taken by several villains in the moon knight comic books. The villain is a little-used but still entertaining antagonist in some of the best storylines featuring the avatar of Khonshu.

This particular antagonist could perfectly fill the shoes of Harrow’s villainy, as he presents a more intimidating physical threat, whereas the main antagonist of Season 1 poses a more psychological danger. The character could also open the door to Moon Knight’s street-level crime-fighting, as he’s often cast as a domestic villain in New York City.

Scarlet Stained Glass

Stained-Glass Scarlet is a particularly complex enemy in the history of early Moon Knight comics. First introduced in Doug Moench’s preliminary run on moon knightScarlet was introduced as both friend and foe to the titular superhero, whose crusade against evil often went too far, forcing the Fist of Khonshu to intervene.

Scarlet could be the perfect villain for Marc Spector’s next outing, given that she also appears to have a similar bout of dissociative identity disorder, though perhaps not on par with her heroic counterpart. The character’s deep personal trauma caused her to become torn between the loving mother she had been and a vengeful vigilante who nearly burned New York City in her anger.

Pharaoh Rama-Tut

Pharaoh Rama Tut on his throne

Rama-Tut is an ancient Egyptian pharaoh who is actually an alternate identity of Kang the Conqueror himself in Marvel Comics. The villain had frequent battles with the Fantastic Four and West Coast Avengers before being revealed as a variation of Nathaniel Richards, as multiple identities from throughout Marvel Comics history were combined to form the villainous Kang.

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With the MCU bolstering the threat of Jonathan Majors’ Kang, it seems inevitable that fans will see more versions of the villain throughout history. Given moon knightDue to its inherent connection to ancient Egypt, the series seems like the perfect place to introduce one of its most famous variants, perhaps as an ancient avatar of one of Egypt’s gods. .

shadow knight

Shadow Knight Marvel Comics

Shadowknight is a villain designed to mirror Moon Knight in every way imaginable, fighting for everything the superhero himself despises. Some versions of the character even claimed to be Khonshu’s true servant, threatening to undermine Marc Spector’s relationship with his patron deity.

This particular villain has actually been introduced to the MCU before, albeit in a very mild incarnation. In the comics, the Shadowknight is the alter-ego of Marc Spector’s presumed deceased brother, Randall. Viewers will recognize that moon knightThe fifth episode of Marc introduced this long-lost sibling, claiming the child was dead off-screen. Comic readers will immediately be wary of this death, wondering if the Shadow Knight might already be lurking in the background of Mark’s life.

night werewolf

Werewolf by Night Marvel Comics

Jack Russell, sometimes referred to as the Night Werewolf, is an important character in the Moon Knight story. It was in an arc of Russell’s self-titled series that the white-clad hero was first introduced, originally as an antagonist tasked with hunting down the werewolf. The two would eventually form a strained friendship, fighting both against each other and side by side over the years. And, although they often find themselves at odds, these two Marvel heroes could also be the perfect duo.

The Night Werewolf has already been confirmed to be coming to the MCU in the franchise’s first Halloween special, where he will be played by Gabriel García Bernal. This special will be paramount in deciding whether the character’s future will be that of a hero or a villain.


Raoul Bushman is perhaps the most important member of Moon Knight’s Rogues Gallery. The mercenary was a frequent collaborator of Marc Spector during his gun days and was the man who shot Spector and left him for dead, leading to him being resurrected by Khonshu, becoming the Moon Knight.

Bushman remains one of the best Moon Knight-related characters yet to be adapted in the MCU, though he was mentioned by name in the show’s fifth episode, indicating he may still have a future in an upcoming season. . If that is the case, moon knight fans should be prepared to delve deeper into Marc Spector’s psyche, as some of his darkest backstories have to do with his nemesis, Bushman.


Midnight Man battles Moon Knight in Marvel Comics.

The Midnight Man, later called only Midnight, is the name of two Marvel Comics villains. The first of these villains, Anton Mogart, has already been introduced in moon knight, performed by Gaspard Ulliel. The second, Mogart’s son, proves more important, taking his father’s evilness to new heights of madness as he swears to destroy Moon Knight’s life.

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While Marvel Studios seemed to have plans for Mogart’s future in moon knight, Ulliel’s tragic death from a skiing accident earlier this year makes it an unlikely path. More likely, however, is the possibility that Mogart’s son, Jeffrey Wilde, will be cast as the next major villain that Marc Spector will have to face.


Dracula is the mighty vampire of legend, based on the classic novel written by Brahm Stoker. In Marvel Comics, the character is a frequent antagonist of Blade, but has also been associated with Moon Knight, primarily through a series of popular memes depicting the superhero and villain amid a disagreement over debt collection.

At the announcement of the casting of Ethan Hawke in the first season of moon knight, many fans speculated that his Arthur Harrow character would turn out to be Dracula. Since this theory was ultimately proven wrong, it could hint at the possibility that the creative team sought to save the iconic villain for a future season.

Sun King

Marvel Comics Sun King stares ahead, fire in his palm;  attacking Moon Knight

The Sun King is yet another Marvel character serving a patron god, in this case, the Sun God Ra. As an avatar of Ra, the Sun King has control over fire and harbors a deep aversion to anything associated with Khonshu, who is the son of Ra in Egyptian mythology. As such, the Sun King and Moon Knight often find themselves at odds, as the last warriors in an eternal feud between deities.

Sun King is a relatively new villain in Marvel Comics lore, which would allow Marvel Studios more creative freedom on the character’s potential live-action adaptation. He is also introduced as an individual with a disorder similar to that of Marc Spector, which drives the hero to better understand his own struggles. Such a storyline could turn out to be the perfect thematic sequel to what the Disney+ series has presented in its first six episodes.


Moon Knight Khonshu character drawn

Khonshu is Marc Spector’s patron deity who saved him from death after he was shot and abandoned by his mercenary partner, Raoul Bushman. He gives Marc his Moon Knight powers, but is also responsible for worsening the condition of his fractured mind, as the Egyptian moon god uses the broken man for his own purposes.

While Khonshu and Marc Spector have always had a tenuous relationship in the comics, they have generally remained allies, though they often do so reluctantly. However, more recent comics have taken the liberty of presenting Khonshu in a more antagonistic light, including a race in a recent avengers title which featured the god using Moon Knight to help him take over the world, defeating some of the strongest Avengers along the way. Such a scenario could be the perfect way to showcase Khonshu’s more malevolent side, perhaps even pitting his own fist against him.

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