The year was 1867.  Two brothers, Peter Wycoff Minor and his brother, Abrahm, were making the long trek back from the Civil War to their home in Interlaken, New York.  As they walked, they began to envision a new company.  A company that hand-crafted quality shoes and boots for men and women.  Footwear that helped people stay on their feet, that kept people comfortable as well as productive.   

150 years and four generations later, the Minor family remains true to this commitment.  Still crafting shoes in their factory in Batavia, New York.  Still engineering and building comfort and precision fit into every pair. 

At p.w. minor, we are shoemakers.  We understand that you want comfort, fit, and style in your footwear.  And we are committed to your health and wellness.  We live this commitment every day, and we take the time to do things right.  That’s our heritage.  That’s our promise to you and everyone who wears our shoes.

The “New” P W Minor
We have purchased the assets of P W minor and we are determined to restore this great brand.
We will begin our quest to rebuild this company by:
  • Providing consistent availability of our products
  • Listening to our customers and acting on their requests 
  • Updating and adding style to our product line 
Most of all we will ensure excellent customer service and provide our customers with the sales support and programs they need to be successful.

P W Minor will be better than ever!

Andrew and Pete